Who We Are

The Dearborn Astronomy Group

From left to right: Eric Rasmussen, Mike LoPresto, Dave Matzke, Carrie Swift, Don Bord, Steve Murrell

From The University of Michigan-Dearborn:

Donald J. Bord
Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Ph.D. Dartmouth College

Research Interests: Stellar spectroscopy of chemically peculiar stars, ab initio calculations of atomic structure parameters (term values, oscillator strengths, Lande g-factors), photometric measurements of peculiar variable stars.

David Matzke

Senior Lecturer in Physics and Astronomy: M.S. University of Michigan

Research Interests: Studies of Jupiter's magnetic field at radio frequencies, quasi-stellar objects,
Seyfert galaxies, non-solar X-ray and gamma ray astronomy.

Carrie Swift

Lecturer in Physics and Astronomy; Ph.D. University of Michigan.

Research Interests: Computational astrophysics, simulations of emission, absorption and propagation of radiation through relativistic radio jets.


Eric Rasmussen

Research Assistant in Astronomy; B.S. University of Michigan-Dearborn

Research Interests: Computers in astronomy, environmental science, weather phenomena.

From Henry Ford Community College:

Michael Lopresto

Chair, Physics Department, HFCC; M.S. University of Michigan; Ph.D. James Cook University (in progress)

Research Interests: Research Interests: Physics and Astronomy Education, Musical Acoustics.

Steven Murrell

Director - HFCC Hammond Planetarium and Instructor of Physics and Astronomy, Physics Department, HFCC; M.S. Eastern Michigan University

Research Interests: Physics and Astronomy Education.