Research Facilitites

The primary instrument at the UM-Dearborn observatory is a 0.4-m (16-inch) diameter f/8 reflecting telescope with Ritchey-Chretien optics.  It was manufactured by DFM Engineering of Longmont, CO. and installed in April 2007. The telescope is housed inside a 12.5-ft diameter Ash dome on the roof of the Science Learning & Research Center (SLRC), The instrument is completely computer controlled and fully operable from the laboratory control room adjacent to the dome. 

This instrument is available for research to interested undergraduate students. Interested students should contact Dr. Don Bord (dbord@umd.umich.edu) or Dr. Carrie Swift (cmswift@umd.umich.edu) for more information.


Education Facilities

The Observatory owns six 8-inch reflecting telescopes which are used for both public viewing and education. These telescopes can be mounted on the piers located on the observing deck of the SLRC. Students who enroll in ASTR 131 learn to operate the telescope, and use it to observe various celestial objects, including the Moon, planets, double stars, nebulae and galaxies. We also have solar obstruction filters and a 2.5-inch refracting telescope equipped with an H-α filter for solar observing.